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Friday, September 3, 2010

This blog was moved to wordpress

I installed wordpress to my server :D

Change feed and some bookmarks, please.

New blog is here:


Monday, August 16, 2010

My TOEIC Result was shown in web

TOEIC 525; listening 340, reading 185.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Use Homebrew for substitution of port


MacPort is heavy.

homebrew is light.



I got blogger.vim commit permission.

Hi. I'm using blogger.vim.

Yesterday ujihisa said 'I want to blogger.vim that post code to gist.github.com if code over 5 lines'.

I implemented that, I got commit permission.

I'll push soon. Now I'm testing.

And I'm sorry to I posted many useless post.


this is not gist

Gist is only over 5 lines.

And can paste embed


Friday, February 26, 2010

Online.sg #9 "LLVM" report #onsg9

This is report of Online.sg #9 "LLVM".


ujihisa http://ujihisa.blogspot.com/


  • Brainf**k "Hello, world" file to llvm assembly file is 2114 lines.
  • optimized version is 25 lines. !!!!!!

LLVM Commands

  • llvm-as: llvm assembly file to llvm byte code.
  • lli: execute llvm byte code.
  • opt: optimize llvm byte code.
  • llvm-dis: disassembly llvm byte code.


  • We're planning online.sp lighting talks at March.

Blogger.vim @ Snow Leopard

I'm writing a article to blogger with blogger.vim @ snow leopard.

What I did

  • Install ghc/cabal
  • Install pandoc

How to

See This wiki page.


I thought i want study haskell in future.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Auto load 'g'

g is very useful ruby's library.

I use on rails.

So i want auto require 'g' (Because delete `require` line is troublesome).

It like this:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First post from blogger.vim


Blogger.vim is made by ujihisa. It is plugin for vim and support markdown.

Very convenience.


  • Blogger.vim needs pandoc. But pandoc doesn't work at Snow Leopard. I'm writing at Ubuntu (ideapad) now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I installed StarDict and Eijiro

I need dictionary for English writing. Because my English vocabulary is very few.

I'm using Eijiro for dictionary. And I'm using Ubuntu.

I want Eijiro at ubuntu.

I googled and challenged. It use StarDict.

1. apt-get install stardict stardict-tools
2. install PDIC for win32 use wine.
3. Convert Eijiro to "1 line text type". I saved to eijiro.txt .
4. Replace "///" to "\t" and "\" to "\n" use sed.
5. run "/usr/lib/stardict-tools/tabfile eijiro.txt"
6. move some generated files to /usr/share/stardict/dic .
7. yay

Friday, January 8, 2010

Update Ruby (dev version) everyday

I'm using Ruby dev version.

I update manually each one month until yesterday. But Ruby developping is very active, manual update isn't chase them.

Then, I heard "Let's auto update!".

So I challenged Ruby dev version auto update.

I tryed on Mac OS X Snow leopard (XCode installed).

This is list of I did:

  • Get latest Ruby's source. use svn co.
  • Create update_ruby script.
  • Register to launchd using Lingon.app
  • Yay

update_ruby is here:


cd ~/path/to/ruby-source
svn up && make main && make install-nodoc



I start English blog here.

But my English is usually strange.

And I don't know continue this blog....

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